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RE: RA nodules in lungs and coughing
My doctor is sending me for more pulmonary testing because I have been coughing incessantly for 2 months. I was diagnosed with nodules in my lounges from the RA a year ago so my rheumy thinks the nodules are causing the coughing problem but he needs more tests to know. I have been on an inhaler but its doing almost nothing. All it does is make me feel wired and jittery. Either way it means I can't sleep very well at all. I have had so many tests lately I am tired of it.

Anyway just decided to share.

Hi there!

I hope for you that they find something. Lasting coughs are no fun. I have too an appointment for lung problems. I have shortness of my breath. Everybody thinks I am depressed or something because I sigh a lot. I will be having an MRI in two weeks. It takes time where I am. We have so few MRI machines. My appointment is at 1:00 AM but I am not complaining.

Good Luck,


Thanks Rose, the appointment is next Monday and it is 2 hours of tests. I just hope it doesn't just lead to more tests instead of a diagnosis. At a minimum I hope to get a better way of fighting the cough. I am sure that not getting sleep is also making things worse.

Coughing is miserable, annmarie. I am sorry to hear about your lung problems. Before you and Rose mentioned it, I had not heard about anybody with lung problems. I knew that they were possible, but had not chatted with anyone who has it. May I ask how severe your RA symptoms are? Also, do you know if breathing problems are more common in people with more severe RA? A big gentle hug to you and again.

Hi Tatia,

My RA is fairly bad. I have been on MTX, Enbrel and I am now on Actemra all within just less than two years. I still have bone erosion in my hands and feet that seems to get worse on every MRI. Of course I don't know if the pulmonary issues are due to my RA being so poorly controlled. I have never thought to ask my rheumy about this but it would be worth asking. I have just accepted it as a part of this monster.

Well, I will ask Tuesday, was Monday, and get back.

Thanks for the support everyone.

You are welcome.

I have a combination of RA and Lupus, which my rheumatologist calls 'Rupus.' The reason I'm telling you this is because the Lupus part of the disease causes inflammation on my lungs whenever I have a cold, flu or chest infection, and I also get breathless when climbing steep hills, or even going up a steep staircase. Like you, I have a persistent cough that just lingers. I only get a really good night's sleep when I take amitriptyline at night.

It may be worth asking your doctor if it could be Lupus that's causing your lung problems. If so, there may be some medication he can try to ease your symptoms. An anti-inflammatory medication may help.
Hi Sandra,

That must be tough with both conditions. Each one can be awful on its own! I am sorry that you have breathing problems on occasion. I only had that once before but it was quite frightening.

I had my testing on Monday and they never mentioned anything about Lupus but I will ask when I go in on Wednesday. I would like to understand what is behind this.

Thanks for answering!


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