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suffering bad impaction with no relief in site
In 6 days I have had no BM and I am feeling really uncomfortable. I am also not peeing much either. I think everything is blocked up. Last time this happened 4 months ago, I went to the hospital to sort it out and it was costly.

I would rather not go again if I can help it but I need information on doing an enema myself. Sad

Have you tried a laxative first? An enema may or may not actually give you relief at this point. A laxative may at least break up some of it and get the process going again although it may take a few days and a few doses. Don't go over the recommended maximum amount on the box, though, and be prepared for a stay in the bathroom that may take a while....or repeated visits.
Impaction is never fun. For doing an enema, you will need mineral oil to soften the stool first. A smaller enema bag can do this. Once it is in, let it sit for 10 minutes. Then use a larger enema bag with tap water at room temperature. This is usually enough to get things moving. I have had reasonable success when I have been impacted.

Try some natural laxative foods like figs, prunes or licorice. And drink lots of water - that could help with the impaction. Or as Jessi said, try a gentle laxative. I certainly wouldn't go down the route of performing an enema on yourself - there's too much potential for damage.
Thanks for help. I was feeling so bad, I went to the hospital again. I think I waited too long. Next time, I will try this earlier.

If you can get good at doing this yourself, it also has the benefit that you need not suffer so long with the constipation when things do get bad. You just need to do before complications or injury arise.

I think you should try using a natural laxative to loosen up the blockage in your digestive system. When I suffered from constipation I overcome it by eating lots of fruit, the fiber in the fruit helps, worth considering.
I'm so sorry to read that you had to go to the hospital again. I have trouble with impaction at times, and what helps for me is to eat alot of prunes.

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