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Healing Bronchitis Naturally
I must admit, I was a workaholic and I had mild bronchitis about 2 years ago. I rarely get sick, so I was a bit concerned. I was wondering how I could heal it naturally after the doctor prescribed antibiotics. One of the things that I tried to get rid of the mucus was real dark chocolate. It did wonders for clearing up the mucus in about 4 days.Who would have thought that this would work? This along with a balanced diet of dark green leafy vegetables and a serving of fruit each day and I was as good as new. It's amazing. I would love to hear what natural remedies you all have found for mild bronchitis.
I'm confused.

Your third sentence said "after the doctor prescribed antibiotics" which makes it sound like you were on medication....and therefore, didn't actually cure anything naturally. The meds would've done that. Did I misunderstand what you were getting at there?

As for dark chocolate, I have no idea how that would make any difference at all to your mucous levels and sounds more like a coincidence that lined up with feeling better than an actual remedy.
I agree with Jessi that there antibiotics were the most likely treatment that eliminated the Bronchitis. Since bronchitis is an infection that has overwhelmed the ability of the body to fight it off, you really need to have antibiotics to properly treat it. The reason I say this is because I suffered with Bronchitis each year for 5 years when I was in University and just started working. Each time I needed antibiotics to fight off the infection because it would not go on its own even with all the chicken soup that my land lady offered me.

Don't confuse real treatment with placebos!
I must agree with the other posters that it was the antibiotics, not your diet, that cured the bronchitis. However, the foods you were eateing - particularly the dark chocolate - may have had some anti-inflammatory properties which helped to settle the condition , along with the antibiotics. After all, the suffix 'itis' refers to inflammation - in this case, of the bronchial tubes. Your diet may have speeded your recovery, but it was the antibiotics that effected the cure.

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