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increasing fiber intake with IBS-D diarrhea
From some different articles I have read, adding fiber does help some people with IBS-D so I am thinking of trying it. Nothing much else is working. Right now, I have no tolerance to fiber and it just makes everything even faster so don't know if I really should.

Has anyone with D managed to add fiber to their diet with positive results?

You may need to take a fibre supplement prescribed by your doctor. Some people with IBS who can't tolerate fibre do find that a fibre supplement regulates the diarrhea and settles the gut so that they can gradually introduce more fibre into their regular diet. See your doctor, so he can decide if this is an appropriate course of action for you.
I can't imagine doing it myself. Like you I have NO tolerance for fiber nowadays. I think I wouldn't even make it to the toilet if I was taking it.

That is why I am worried, but since fiber isn't fully digested, I think it would slow things down if I had enough. That's the theory anyway!

I read that the help fiber offers depends on the person. Check out the link below and look for "high fibre" on the page. It says it can help or hurt depending on the person

If I were you, I would try ramping up over time to get to the 35 recommended daily intake of grams of fiber. If you can get your body used to the fiber slowly it might just work. Then you might end up with better stools. I would just avoid any raw vegetables to get your fiber. Steam any vegetables you eat and use Citracel or Metamucil to get the desired fiber levels.

Happy experimenting!

Thanks for the link. I'll see how it goes.

The importance of fiber is overstated. Eat plenty of vegetables and you will have more than enough fiber in your diet. You don't need to buy a fiber supplement and you don't need to eat loads of carbohydrates either. Eat lots of veg and fruit in moderation.

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