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have had diarrhea for a long time
For 5 months I have had diarrhea and am generally stuck at home. I can barely go to work and get home without problems. The early mornings are spent mostly in the toilet until I can become more empty. I think food poisoning in the summer started it but I don't know if that can happen.

I constantly have Imodium beside me to use if I am stuck but I am getting so tired of this. I could really use something to keep stuff in more of the time.

Have you seen a doctor? Five months is a really long time and at this point, you could've caused some damage. Chances are, you're dehydrated and malnourished both after so long of not really keeping anything in for long.

Beyond that, pay attention to what you're eating. If certain things seem to make it worse, obviously avoid those foods. Drink tons of fluids. If your body is actually fighting something still (or thinks it is), then you especially want to stay hydrated even more.

If your doctor does say it's IBS, for example, then he should also be able to prescribe you a medicine to help even things out. In the meantime, you may want to look up "IBS foods" to see some basic food combos that may keep your body from freaking out as much.
The experts say that any irregular bowel behaviour that lasts for more than three weeks should be investigated, so you really should get along there straight away. Immodium is meant to be a temporary measure, so it's quite possible there may be some side effects from the prolonged use. Help your doctor to help you by keeping a food diary, and also logging how many times you go to the toilet, but get to the doctor's as soon as you can.
You didn't say if you had been to a doctor but if you haven't you really should go. Aside from that, if it is from food poisoning, you could try some probiotics because the mix of bacteria in your stomach could be very messed up. This won't hurt you in any case.

Another option is to take calcium supplements. Do not take too many of them because it can cause health problems. Otherwise it is fine and it just causes your body to pull more fluids from your stool.

I would recommend consulting a doctor to find out what is wrong. Diarrhea is a sign something is wrong. What foods are you eating? Do you drink alcohol?

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