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When to get Prostate Cancer Testing?
I read the Prevention thread, and I noticed it said men over 45 are at the highest risk, however, they begin to check at 18. As a 19 year old, do I need to worry about getting my prostate checked? And if so, how often? Thanks,
Well beyond the 45 mark, it's recommended across the board that you should be getting it done annually. Many doctors say you should have just one done at your yearly physical regardless, but not every male even bothers to have a yearly physical. It's extremely rare for someone your age to end up with prostate cancer, but if you're going to be at the doctor anyway, you might as well get one every few years regardless, just in case.
My husband has protate cancer and is responding well to treatments. We chose to have the radiation beam therapy along with the seed implants. He has been getting tested every year since his father died from prostate cancer. My hsband is 50 now, and we plan on having many wonderful years together!
How is your husband by now, is he getting better?

They say that we should be tested around 40 years old, but I want to be tested earlier because my grandad died with prostate cancer and my dad also had it, so I don
t want to take any risks.

(2014-06-30 10:55 PM)davbonpol Wrote: My husband has protate cancer and is responding well to treatments. We chose to have the radiation beam therapy along with the seed implants. He has been getting tested every year since his father died from prostate cancer. My hsband is 50 now, and we plan on having many wonderful years together!

I have long heard that men should get regular testing when they reach the age of 40. Yet there are conflicting reports as to whether this in necessary or not. Some suggest that since it progresses relatively slowly the treatment associated with early detection and treatment might be more harmful in the long term. I am not sure I conveyed exactly what I wanted correctly, to but I hope those reading understand.

What I will say is that my dad was diagnosed with prostrate cancer perhaps in his late sixties and lived well into his eighties. He never opted for surgery and lived until he died happy with his decision.
So, that's something surprising! He was diagnoses with prostate cancer in his sixties, ignored the diagnose and lived healthy for 20 more years?
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