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Do you follow the latest developments?
I've been Type 1 since 1994.

I used to pay really close attention to medical breakthroughs.. but to be honest, now I actually avoid them.

The reason is that they discover some big breakthrough ​a couple times away, but we are so far from a 'cure' being on the market that I'm afraid it will lead to disappointment.
I don't follow the medical breakthroughs carefully. For example I don't go looking online for information on medical breakthroughs in diabetes. But I have admit that when I hear about these medical breakthroughs somewhere such as on the news I am fascinated to find out what is being done. Yes, we're not close to cure, but my mother dealt with diabetes for years, and I find myself wondering what advancements are being done in the treatment of the condition.
I understand the OP's reasoning behind not wanting to keep up with the latest research/breakthroughs. I've gone through that myself, and it can be a big disappointment. However I am interested in advancements in the treatments of certain diseases, such as Parkinson's, Alzheimers and cancer, so I do try to keep up, as much as possible.

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