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Painless migraines?
I was wondering about the causes of painless migraines. I've gotten them once in a great while, sometimes even a decade passes between episodes. By painless I mean they affect my vision, with the blind spot and flashing lights. They only last a few minutes and pass without having any pain. I think they're sinus related somehow, but I'm not sure.
Well what you described isn't a migraine. The causes could be any number of things, included being sinus-related like you mentioned. A migraine does include pain of some sort, though, and the sensitivity to light, etc, doesn't disappear after only a few minutes. It sounds like maybe something else is going on with you and maybe it's just a fluke, a reaction to a food you ate, or just the pressure for sinuses.
I have never hear of a migraine not being painful. I suffer from them myself. Like Jessi said, it seems that you are dealing with something else. I would look into it more. Even go to a doctor to see what they can do for you.
I had not heard about painless migraines. That is something new to for me. Was the diagnosis by a doctor or is this from something you read about? I have had some of these symptoms happen before migraines but the pain always came on shortly. I just thought it was a warning but never thought it could be false.
I would talk to your doctor about your concerns. But I do suffer from migraines and have seen a neurologist for them. The neurologist has said that there can be migraines without the headache. They can cause a visual aura and other problems. I assume the cause is the same with things going on with the vessels in the vain. They even say some people (mainly children) can have abdominal migraines.

I'm not sure about painless migraine but I have the same problem as you are. Well, I do experience bouts of migraine every now and then as often as at least once a month. There are times that I feel like my visions are affected, could be due to stress or fatigue but unlikely due to migraine.
I never knew there can be painless migraines. In any case, you might want to check if what you experienced was nausea or a migraine.
Those could be ocular migraines. They are painless but affect the eyes. A simple Google search could help you confirm if those are what you are having. I have never had one but I have heard they are no fun even though they are painless.
It actually is a type of migraine, and the family doctor confirms. My grandmother gets the same things, flashing lights in her eyes without any pain. And KNH55 is right, even though they're painless, they're still not very pleasant to experience. What I want to know is, are they potentially dangerous? Are they a sign of longer term health effects?
Yes, it may seem hard to believe but there are painless migraines. The most classic symptom of a migraine is the flashing bolt of light in your eye. My sister has actually experience Migraines such as these. However, whether they are dangerous or not is something that only a doctor can determine. In my sister's case it was something that happened only a few time due to hormonal changes in the body. But as I said a doctor could tell you if there is something to be concerned about. Maybe there are test that can be done to determine is something else is going on that is causing these painless migraines.

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