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Preparation for knee surgery
I have a date for my TKR in the next 2 months and I am considering adding supplements to improve my bone health before the surgery. I started taking vitamin D but I don't know what else to take to help. I really want to make sure I am in good health beforehand so I can heal. Any suggestions on what to take?

Hi Rosalyn, I have double knee replacements. I did not take anything special to improve my bone health, before my operation. But I would think that a combination of calcium, zinc and magnesium would be good for you. I take that now to strengten my bones, as we lose those things as we age, and need to replenish them. Good luck with your surgery.
You should take calcium too for the bones. Glucosamine might be good too. Don't take too much because it might be bad for you. Look up the best amount to take.

Unless your doctor or surgeon recommended supplements, I wouldn't focus on this. Surgery and recovery works best when you are in good phyical shape. If you can, get as active as you can in the next few months. This can mean swimming, walking, weight training, etc. This will help you far more than supplements will.

This link talks about getting into good shape before surgery.

Look for "Get in Shape for Surgery" on the page.

Thank you for the link. That is a good idea. I am not in very good shape at all and I hadn't thought about using crutches afterwards. That would have been a bad surprise! How intense do you think I should be exercising to make a difference?

If you are inactive now, anything you do is going to help and the more you do, the more it can help. Just don't go overboard so that you can't exercise at all. It is always good to ramp up to a level your comfortable with.

I agree. You could talk to your doctor about possible supplements that might help, but in general, I wouldn't focus on that.

As for exercise, just gradually increase the amount of activity you're doing. Don't push it to the point where you'd hurt your knee or any of the surrounding area, but work on strengthening yourself overall.
That makes sense. I am not sure exactly what to do but my surgeon says they have some information on exercises that will help. I have to go pick it up next week.

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