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How Long Does it Take to Conceive After Reverse Vesectomy?
My husband had a reverse vesectomy done a year ago and we still haven't been able to conceive. Prior to his surgeries, he was very fertile and had already produced three children. I have produced two and we still can't seem to get it right. Has anyone experienced these issues? If so, is there anything that can be done to increase the chances?
It really just depends on a lot of factors.

Most men start having moving sperm within the first year (often within the first 3 months of the reversal).

Pregnancy rates are really conflicting, though, ranging from 30-75% of men being able to conceive again, so you may not even be able to, especially if you both are on the older side at this point. Remember that a lot of factors have to line up in the first place, not including the reversal, so it was unlikely to happen the first few tries anyway.

You may want to talk to your doctors and both of you get tested for fertility at this point.
I agree, it might be worth it to talk to a doctor, just in case they can shed some light on the subject. I have a cousin that was not able to conceive after a reverse vesectomy, so they ended up adopting a beautiful little boy.
Thank you for the advice. My husband is 28 and I am 31. He is going to be going through another additional surgery to see if they can correct the issue. We can only hope for the best and see if it works this time!

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