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unexplained hip pain
Hello, I am a 52 year old active guy and I eat right most of the the time. Two months ago, I started having pain in the left hip. I can walk and bend without feeling much but if put all my weight on on leg, I get a serious throbbing pain deep in the hip. I will be heading to the doctor but since I am a small business owner, I have nothing to speak of for health insurance.

I want to get an idea what to ask so I can keep costs down. Any ideas if this could be OA?

That could be OA but it is hard to tell. Do you get pain if you lay on your back and lift your leg up? Can you apply gentle pressure anywhere on your muscles in the groin area and feel anything? If applying pressure causes pain, you might have a muscle/tendon problem. If you don't it would suggest OA as well from my experience but you really need a doctor to tell for sure.

I understand I am just getting layman's advice but that can be helpful too. Thanks for the help.

The easiest way to diagnose OA is with an x-ray. If you get an appointment with a specialist, they can send you for tests and let you know without too much expense. In my opinion, OA isn't something with specific enough symptoms for "the layman" to diagnose.

If you do get a diagnosis of OA, and the pain continues, try Omega-3 Fish Oil capsules. I use it and it works to reduce inflammation and pain.
Hi there, If you are looking for help with pain, please let me help you I am a complementary health consultant, I do not do the
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Take care Joan.
my doctor couldnt even help me last year, i had to go to another country
Hi, since you are talking about pain you might want to try REMESOL , worked for me, should help you to get rid of arthritis or some joint pains if you have. My suggestions try it. OH! Its 100% Natural
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