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Is tanning really bad for you in general or just when you do it excessively? If you are drinking lots of water and keeping hydrated as well as using lotion on a daily basis is it still bad. I like to go to the tanning bed about 4 times a week. I stay in the bed for about 10 minutes. I don't feel that I do it too much, but I can be wrong here.
Yes, yes it is! It's horrible for you, heh. Tanning isn't bad for you because it dehydrates's bad for you because it's burning your skin and exposing you to UV rays that aren't good for you. Your chance of skin cancer is greatly increased by tanning. 10 minutes each time doesn't seem like that much, but 4 times a week really adds up.

Check out these links for a little more info:


For a long time, tanning beds and booths have been frowned on by health experts. If it's just the colour you want, go for a salon spray tan - it's much safer. Or get the real thing - sunshine helps the body to produce vitamin D, it makes you feel good, and as long as you use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor against both UVA and UVB rays, it's much safer than tanning beds. It's also much cheaper.
I'm not sure how staying hydrated will protect you from skin damage or worse. Sunscreen has also been linked to skin cancer because it blocks the production of vitamin D (vitamin D deficiency is linked to cancer) and the harmful toxic chemicals in sunscreen.
Tanning is not good as we expose our skin to direct sunlight. Especially when using tanning bed because it emits UVA and UVB rays that is dangerous to our skin.
Tanning is really not good for you at all. I know some people think it is aesthetically pleasing, but it is only going to further age your skin, so it will be less aesthetically pleasing in the long run. Not to mention just the health risks associated.

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