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What causes migranes?
I have been getting migranes this week. I think they are migranes anyways. They become so unbareable sometimes. What causes them? Is there anything I can do to prevent them? Thank you.
I know this thread is fairly old, however, I noticed it has no replies, and I decided if you are still suffering, or if someone else comes across this post maybe I can help. One cause of migraines can be stress. The way you worded your question doesn't sound like you've gotten them very often in the past. So, perhaps you've just ben under stress recently? As far as preventing them, just try to reduce stress in your life, and take some time each day to relax.

Another possible cause, believe it or not, can be vision problems. If your vision is off, and your eyes are straining too hard to see, then this can also cause migraines, so you may want to visit an eye doctor and have your vision checked.

I'm sure there are other causes unknown to me, so if my two suggestions don't help, and you continue to get migraines, you should go se a doctor and get his opinion. Hope I helped,
I believe stress is a common cause of migraine. When it comes to vision, since i suffered from astigmatism, only few instances that I can remember had a migraine for it. This case is asymptomatic and it can also be other health related.
I think stress is a factor too but another thing I noticed, I experience migraine if from extremely hot environment I enter to a cold area. My head would suddenly hurt and my migraine attacks. Another reason, is when I'm hungry and passed time I should be having my lunch or dinner. Id experience migraine then too.
There are mixed opinions as to whether or not stress directly causes migraines. Some believe it is just an aggravating factor. Diet can have an impact on migraines. Some individuals have foods that are triggers. For a woman, their monthly cycle and hormones can cause migraines. Some individuals with sinus problems experience migraines. Certain smells or even types of lighting (such as those very bright lights at stores) can be triggers. If you have sudden onset of headaches, I would consult with your doctor to make certain there is not another cause first.
Aside from stress, I also think that eye problems cause migraine. I had always suffered from migraines back in high school. It was like my skull was going to break and my whole head was pounding terribly. When I put on eyeglasses, the migraines were not as bad as before. They're still worse than headaches but more manageable.
I agree with everyone that has commented. Migraines are mainly caused by stress. I suppose the next question would be how does one avoid stress?
Stress is definitely the main reason for me getting them. I do find sometimes I am not stressed yet still get them though. I hate the first part when you eyesight goes all funny.
There are more than one causes of migranes.It is caused by allergies and allergic reactions,bright light,loud noises.One of the main reason is physical or emotional stress.
I believe that certain household products can cause migranes. I had a friend that would constantly spray air fresheners in her small house. I would get a slight headaches from just beng there for a short time. I told her my opinion about the air freshener, and she quit using them. Soon she noticed less headaches!

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