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hip pain while sitting
I have OA in my right hip that limits my mobility but I do manage to do alright. Recently I started feeling an aching pain in the joint just from sitting. If I sit for more than 30 minute is is very painful. It is different from the pain when moving. I expect pain when I move but having pain when not moving is new. Does anyone else have this same problem?

Have you been to the doctor about this? It sounds like your joint has deteriorated further. A good x-ray would show if you have changes in the joint that are causing this.

I think you need to see your doctor. as Ebellegreen says, it may be further deterioration in the joint. Another thing to consider - given that the problem arises when you are inactive - is that there could be some inflammation around the joint. I have RA which affects my hip, and it's always very painful when I get out of bed in the mornings.

I'm not suggesting that you may have developed RA, but you do need to check this out with your doctor. You may not want to bother him, but when you have a chronic condition, you really need to report changes, as you may need to switch your medication.
My first thought was that the OA was the culprit. The thing is that the pain feels so different. Its hard to believe its the same problem.

I have had this problem for 3 years. I can't sit more than 20 minutes comfortably. In my case it is the OA. It makes sleeping very difficult and I am routinely taking pain medications to manage the pain. Fortunately, very soon I am going to have surgery for it. This may be your option too.

It could be a tear as well or bursitis if you don't think it is OA. My joint pain currently only happening when I move so I can't relate directly. To be safe, get checked out with a doctor.

[[p]]I agree with the others, you need a doctor to determine what the problem might be. Try using a moist heating pad, from time to time. Also if it is OA, try Omega-3 fish Oil capsules to relieve the inflammation and pain. Good luck.
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