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Deformation from inflammatory erosive arthritis?
Hey all,

Here is a question to anyone who might know about inflammatory erosive arthritis (IEA). I am starting to lose mobility in my left hand because of bone deformations. My doctor says the IEA is causing the deformations but don't understand because the joints are getting bigger instead of shrinking. I would expect something eroding the bones to cause them to get thinner.

I am sorry to hear that you are facing this. Let me try to explain the condition.

When you have inflammatory erosive arthritis, the disease is breaking down bone while your body is trying to repair it. The result is that you develop deformities as the bone grows less orderly than it should. Our joints have to be just the right shape for bones to slide past one another so if you have disorderly growth it will cause bones to interfere with each other in the joint. In some cases, the bones will even heal together so that you can't bend certain joints.

I hope that explains it.

I knew it was bad but not this bad. This is very frightening. My doctor has only put me on Plaquenil and Tramadol for the pain. He said he wants to observe the disease for a while to decide what to do. At first he thought it was RA and started me on methotrexate. But then my sed rate wasn't high so he reevaluated. Meanwhile I am slowly having more a more trouble with my hands.

I am very sorry you are suffering this. I am certain that the loss of one's hands can be extremely emotionally and physically challenging. I do hope that you doctor comes to some decision reasonably soon. Were I you, I would stress the importance of action if he chooses to act too slowly.

My patience is very low now and I won't wait long for a decision. I would rather him try treatments and change later if he has to. Only stopping the pain and letting the situation get worse is not what I expect from my doctor. I am emotionally worn from all of this. I used to use my hands all the time and so now I feel so helpless. I could type but now I struggle to type even this small paragraph. Thanks for your help.

You are most welcome. Should you feel the need to share your frustrations, there are many supportive people eager to listen and offer support.

Hi, I have a degenerative spine and I take Omega-3 Fish Oil capsules to remove the inflammation and pain. Hopefully if you start to use it, you will have some relief. Good luck.
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