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What BP medication works for you?
[[strong]][[EM]][[color=#008000]]I have high blood pressure. I was on Lisinopril, but I started having an allergic reaction to it. So my doctor put me on Diltiazem. It has not been working. I just continue with my water pill.

What medications have really dropped your blood pressure? I like to have some choices to present to my doctor.​[[/strong]]
That sounds scary! I take beta blockers (Nadolol) for my high blood pressure and have had good luck with it. I haven't experienced any side effects and I've been taking it for about ten years. I had tried several medications which did cause side effects until my doctor prescribed Nadolol. I also walk regularly, which helps regulate blood pressure.
My husband and mother both take Benicar, and it works very well for both of them.

Thery have experienced no side effects from taking it, and it lowers their blood pressure effectively.
Thanks for the suggestions. I will ask my doctor about these to see if I need something different. I do monitor my blood pressure levels daily to make sure it is not through the roof.

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