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insomnia because of magnetic fields
I grew up in a small farmhouse and we rarely even had power. I was very healthy as a child and slept fine all the time. When I grew older and moved to a larger town, I started to develop insomnia. I was not experiencing depression or anxiety. I just couldn't sleep. Over the years, more and more electronics has appeared all around us. My insomnia has become progressively worse and worse. We are immersed in magnetic fields all the time and they affect the brain.

When I go hiking and camping, I don't have any insomnia. I sleep like a baby out in the forest. That is the way we were meant to live, not immersed in all these fields. I spend most of my free time at a remote cottage to get away from being exposed. I maintain the place all by hand and can walk for hours in the woods. When I go to bed in the evening, I know I will sleep. I cannot wait to retire to a place away from all the pollution so that I can finally rest.

If you are having insomnia and don't know why try getting away from all the pollution of modern life and experience what it is to sleep normally.

I am glad to hear that you have found a way to combat your insomnia. Finding relief can be a long term challenge. To me, the magnetic field theory doesn't seem to fit in many cases. I don't think that insomnia is caused by the same reasons for everyone. I also don't think that the same treatments will work for everybody.

You don't have to believe me. Just go hiking and camping in the woods far from civilization and you will see how well you sleep. We are immersed in magnetic fields all the time. It is not something the body was meant be exposed to. I would not be awake now if I was at my cottage.

Please try not to oversimplify the problem of insomnia. Insomnia is a complex problem caused by many different factors. Could you please tell us your day job? Since you are on these forums, you are using a computer. This means you are exposed to magnetic fields all the time you are near it.

I have another point regarding your magnetic fields theory. Have you ever thought that all the physical activity might help you sleep when you are in the woods or at your remote cabin? If you were physically active during the week, you might find that you could sleep better then too.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with your approach, but thinking it applies all the time dismisses the experiences of others who have fought insomnia for years.
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