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Dark Chocolate?
I have recently heard that diabetes sufferers who are addicted to chocolate should opt for dark chocolate. It was said to be better somehow but I don't know how. Has anyone else heard this?
It's all about the sugar and fat content. Milk chocolate and white chocolate are mostly sugar and milk. If you are eating that, your gonna have one blood sugar spike and that's bad for diabetics. The dark chocolate might also have antioxidants. They could help reduce damage that diabetes causes. I am just guessing about this because of the antioxidants.
In addition to what bikingfan said, a person is less likely to binge as much on dark chocolate. Because it's stronger and not just mostly sugar, then you're satisfied with a smaller amount....which in turn, lowers the amount of sugar you're intaking even more.
Dark chocolate is acknowledged as a healthier option than milk chocolate, and because of its bitter taste, it can actually help to curb a sweet tooth, which is always a good thing for diabetics. In addition, it also helps regulate blood sugar levels, as well as having antioxidants that are good for the heart.
^ That's true. But it's always about being in moderation. My dad regularly takes in dark chocolate; and it's actually good for you with the antioxidants it has. About a small square. It's overindulging that's the problem.
Dark chocolate has approximately half the sugar content, but it still contains a lot of sugar. If you suffer from diabetes you shouldn't be eating chocolate or any other form of processed sugar. Dark chocolate regulates blood sugar? Consuming around 30g of sugar will cause blood sugar levels to sky rocket, absurd advice.
I have heard that there are a lot of benefits to eating dark chocolate on the news lately. But eating it when you have diabetes I'm not sure that would be a good idea. Dark chocolate is still candy and when someone has diabetes they are more or less told to avoid eating candy because of the process sugar. If a person is addicted to chocolate I know having a doctor tell them this isn't an easy thing to hear, but when you have a condition such as diabetes you have to think of what's best for your over all health.

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