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working on hbp with diet
FOr 6 years I have been constantly fighting high blood pressure. I will take one combo of medications for a while to see if they work. Then I take another set. My doctor has fired just about everything he can think of in my direction. All the while my BP stays around 175/120. This has been stressful for me and my wife. She doesn't sleep some nights because she is worrying about me.

In the last few months, I decided enough is enough. If the medications can't work, I will find something that does. I started reading about blood pressure and some of the reasons you can get it. Exercise and diet are the two topics I have seen. This may be obvious for the rest of you but I am new to being the one managing my health. I was trusting the medications to do it.

So now my wife and I are both working on our diets. We are eating a lot less meat and having far more vegetables. Salt is down to.

Now I want to know if there is anything else we could do? I am not going to start exercising until the BP is better because my doctor can't supervise me.

Good for you. It takes a serious committment to try to manage your health yourself. Too many people rely on the medications and refuse to make the lifestyle changes that are necessary. The only thing I was thinking to add to what you are doing is to increase your fiber. You may or may not get that from your vegetables. Also try to eat the leafy green ones for the best nutrients. Kale has a lot of fiber.

I'll look into fiber. Do you know how it helps blood pressure?

I don't think it is well understood yet, but here is a link where they talk about the benefits.

It mentions that it was helpful for people who were overweight so if you are not, I am not sure if it does help.

To get results just try going for a daily walk. Even if you don't increase your heart rate much at all. It will be good for you and will ease you into exercise. As your BP comes down, you can pick up the pace. Good luck with your efforts.

I found a BMI calculator online and my BMI is 28.6!! It tells me I am heavy. It is something I already knew. The fiber will probably help.

Are you saying I won't see any good from walking on its own? All this diet change is lots of work if I have to exercise too. I wanted to do it in phases.

No, no, I didn't mean that. Diet and exercise together will help the most. If you do only one, you will not see as significant results. That's all. I was just trying to say that you don't have to be a marathon runner to be active.

Nobody talked about adding beets to your diet or cutting sodas. These are other things that you can do to reduce blood pressure.

I haven't been touching sodas or sugary drinks for years. I'll add the beets to the vegetable list, thanks.

Fibre is filling, so it helps you to lose weight because you stay fuller for longer. It also helps to lower levels of 'bad' LDL cholesterol and raise 'good' HDL cholesterol. While this doesn't have a direct impact on blood pressure, it does help to keep the arteries clear, so the circulation stays efficient, and that does have a bearing on BP.

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