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bp out of control last night
I have been having blood pressure problems for some time but all were managed eventually by medications suggestions from my doctor. Yesterday was bad though and I ended up at the hospital. My bp was 235/126 and I was feeling awful before I went in last evening.

The doctor there had me put on Normodyne and got me down to 153/87. They then kept me for another 5 hours of observation. This was the first time for an ER visit so this was pretty scary. My doctor says that I am doing everything I should be to get things down but that I am at risk genetically.

It just goes to show, sometimes modern medicine can't help much.

Sorry to hear that you went through all this. This does sound scary. I haven't had a need for an ER visit myself. I would be none to comfortable if that happened. I would be pondering all sorts of what if scenarios. How about today?

Unfortunately not, I had the same problem this morning and went back. I spent 7 hours this time. They wanted to admit me but I really didn't want to be in the hospital worrying instead of being at home. I told them I would ask my sister to come and stay with me for a few days so they let me go. I thought I would just tell them this, but I am going to get my sister to stay in case I am feeling too unwell.

Sorry to hear. Good thing your sister is coming. Being alone with this could jack up them stress levels. You would have something bad getting worse.

I didn't think about the stresss, but that is true. I was thinking more about feeling so sick or having a stroke without someone around.

Sorry that you had to go to the hospital for that. I had that happen to me before. I just moved to a new town and had stopped taking my medication because I was feeling better. Well, high blood pressure slowly sneaks up on you. I was feeling horrible. I drove myself to the ER and they were astonished I made it there on my own. I will not do that again. It is no fun.

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