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slow to heal with RA?
Hey all,

When I was younger, I never got my wisdom teeth removed. Two of them are partially exposed and I have had some infections because of it. Now, the dentist says that I should really get them pulled. He knows I have RA and thinks that it is safer than the risks of further infections. I am not completely convinced that he isn't also suggesting it for the money, but I have had quite a number of infections.

Anyway, being on several drugs that inhibit the immune system, I am a bit concerned about this. My dentist says he will monitor the situation, but I am still quite worried. Is this an overreaction on my part?

If you have already had numerous infections and fought them off with the help of antibiotics, you should be fine for the removal of your wisdom teeth. I think the biggest thing will be to have a long enough course of antibiotics. If you are like me, it is going to take longer to heal than normal so you will need to have the immune support.

Your not over reacting in my view. You are just seeking knowledge. That is never a bad idea.

Besides the antibiotics your dentist should give you some sort of oral rinse to help the healing. I would just suggest to be careful so that no food stays for very long in the empty sockets. I think that this will be the biggest chance for infection. This means that if you don't normally brush and rinse right after you meals, you should be doing it.

Thanks for the suggestions. I often get worried because the medications list 101 problems that can occur because of weakened immunity. I didn't know that healing is slowed either. I have had a few big bruises but I never noticed that I was healing slowly. I am going to try to not worry about this too. :( I am feeling too much like a hypochondriac.

In my experience, the best approach is to be vigilant. If you cut yourself and it looks reddish like it is infected, go for a doctor's visit. If you have a cough that lasts for more than 3 to 5 days do the same. You have to be aware, just not sitting there petrified worrying.

That is so true about paying attention. Thanks for the answers everyone.

Because the immune system takes a big hit when you develop RA, you are going to heal more slowly. When I was a child, if I grazed my knee, it would heal in a few days. I snagged by shin on the corner of a wall several weeks ago and it still hasn't healed properly. The doctor says there's nothing bad going on, it's just down to the RA. If a slow healing wound shows signs of inffection, go to the doctor's, as you may need an antibiotic.

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