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Purple Potatoes May Help Lower Blood Pressure
I never thought that eating a potato can lower blood pressure. In fact, we heard countless stories about the effects of potato consumption in weight gain.

But a recent study conducted by a professor in University of Scranton revealed that purple potato, which is packed with polyphenols an antioxidant, tends to lower blood pressure based on the 18 obese participants with HBP. They also found out that the participants did not even gain weight while eating purple potatoes during lunch and dinner. Based from the study, it is possibly boiled not fried which is often the culprit of weight gain. Any reaction on this one?

It would be interesting to know if the lower blood pressure happens immediately following a meal or has lasting effects. If it has nitrites in it like beets, that could be an explanation. I don't know if the purple color has anything in common with the lower BP effects.
This is very interesting!! I love purple potatoes, but didn't know they could have such beneficial effects! :)
Potatoes are not actually diet bad guys - it's how you cook them that makes them unhealthy. They provide fibre and complex carbohydrates, but if you fry them, they become high in fat. Apparently sweet potatoes are also very good choices for people with high blood pressure.

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