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Protein Stimulates Cells To Keep You Awake
In a research study conducted by Cambridge University, protein, not sugar is the one responsible for keeping us awake and burning the calories. []

]Wakefulness and energy expenditure rely on "orexin cells", which secrete a stimulant called orexin/hypocretin in the brain. They found that amino acids - nutrients found in proteins such as egg whites - stimulate orexin neurons much more than other nutrients.*

They discovered that amino acids stimulate orexin cells. Previous work by the group found that glucose blocks orexin cells (which was cited as a reason for after-meal sleepiness), and so the researchers also looked at interactions between sugar and protein. They found that amino acids stop glucose from blocking orexin cells (in other words, protein negated the effects of sugar on the cells).*

It seems I need to choose carbohydrates over an egg to make me fall asleep faster. What do you think, guys?

That's an interesting item.

I am not sure if the study is helpful for choosing good foods to help us fall asleep, but it might be telling for us what not to eat anytime before bed. I doubt I will be switching to carbohydrates in preference. I'll just gain weight only have problems with insomnia because I am morbidly obese. :(
Really interesting information. I guess I need to stop eating protein filled foods before going to bed. I have an extremely bad habit of snacking throughout the night. Most of the time I'm not hungry during the day, but I get ravenous at night. :)
Right. In fact, if you tend to be on sleepyhead feeling, it is always recommended to eat carbohydrates. I think it is not bad to eat protein if you take it 3 hours before you sleep. I normally do not eat snacks for no apparent reason I don't know. I used with it. Besides, I am thinking about my blood pressure that I am currently conscious about.

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