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When should you move to stronger pain meds?
I spent years managing my pain with over the counter medications and exercise. I did not know that osteoarthritis had created bone spurs, and I didn't know that some of those spurs were putting pressure on my spinal cord.

I didn't really start looking for better pain management until I could not sleep more than 3 hours at a time. By that point the pain from bone spurs was probably a permanent feature in my life.

If I had known, then, what I know now, I might have insisted on stronger pain medication, but I know many people find milder medications, with exercise, quite sufficient.

If you haven't already done so, when will you seek stronger pain medication to control your osteoarthritis pain?

Nobody answered so I thought I would. I think many of us are constantly searching for some form of relief when we suffer pain regularly. I know in my case if I find something new, I talk with my doctor about it at my next doctor's visit. Of course, I have tried to be informed about what exists for pain medication so I don't seem like I am a pain medication addict by asking all the time.

I wouldn't spend too much time judging your past mistakes in getting appropriate medication. It won't change anything and can make us depressed. Just keep in mind what you know for the future.
MercyL, It will not help with the bone spurs, but it may help with the inflammation that accompanies the pain. I have discovered Omega-3 Fish Oil, which I purchased to help lower my cholestrol, it has reduced the inflammation and pain, from my arthritis as well.
I have been prescribed Flexiril and Etodolac (pain med) for quite a few years but I've noticed over the past year that my meds don't seem to be working as much anymore. Most likely because my system has gotten used to them. I have hesitated approaching my physician about changing my meds but I think it will be time to request such a change, and soon. I have tried natural products, OTC products, but to no avail, so in general, I will be asking for stronger pain meds soon.
I'm not a huge fan of using pain medication on a regular basis. I know that sometimes our pain is unbearable. But some here have already given you some good advice on alternatives. I also want to recommend something that has worked wonders for me, in helping me to stop taking pain medication on practically a daily basis. Its called a Miracle Trigger, which is a small little device that put little electric pulses into the nerves (which are the main cause of pain) and help them to settle down. A family member gave me mine, and at first I thought they were kidding but now a day doesn't go bay that I don't use it. I still have some problems with my OA but nothing like it was. I don't know how much help it will be with bone spurs, but as I said, most pain is associated with our nerves.
I have never had bone spurs, but the information given seems to suggest that they create awful pain. But my thought is that if you continue to increase the pain meds, you are not doing yourself too much good, as the body will start to be immune as the body gets used to the increased dosage of pain medication. So perhaps trying some alternative avenue might help. Meditation to reduce one's tolerance to the pain could help. Warm to hot soaking baths with epsom salt could also draw out some of the pain, and as I mentioned before, Omega-3 Fish Oil capsules reduce the inflammation a good deal, thus reducing the pain.
Hi, since you are talking about pain you might want to try REMESOL , worked for me, should help you to get rid of arthritis or some joint pains if you have. My suggestions try it. OH! Its 100% Natural

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