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Wearing compression stockings?
It took me a while to get my blood pressure under control. It is reasonable now. While I was trying to get under control, my doctor had me wearing compression stockings. Now that my pressure is good, I tried to remove them. The problem is that I still seem to be puffing up. I don't understand why. I thought the blood pressure was what causes this. Any explanations?

When you have had sustained high blood pressure, it can cause problems with your lymphatic system. That's the system for returning fluid back into the circulatory system. The system is very sensitive and can easily becomes less damaged/effective in getting fluids back in place. If you are getting puffy, its a sign you may have to keep wearing the pressure garments for life.

Another possibility to try is using stockings that apply less pressure and see if you do well with these. I know that the stockings can be very uncomfortable the whole day. If it is proving to impair your fashion sense, I have seen online catalogs that have a variety of colors for these stockings. Its good that you have reduced the blood pressure especially since it was such a challenge.

Thanks for answering. I will look for some different pressure garments because I am wearing the same things all the time.

Something else to consider is whether your sodium intake is too high. This can cause you to retain water and make the problem worse even if your blood pressure is controlled. Sometimes doctors don't bother to promote lower sodium as much as they should and rely on medications instead.

Limit sodium intake and exercise often. If you keep moving you keep your lymphatic system draining excess fluid off your body more efficiently. When people sit for long periods of time or stand in one spot for long periods. fluid will pool to the lower extremeities because of the constant weight pressure. If it keeps up, you may want to have your doctor check you for other disorders that involve marked swelling and retention.
I have found that increased activity is helpful but I still need the stockings. The doctor explained that my severe HBP caused some maybe permanent damage to my small blood vessels. He says I will likely wear the stockings for good. I am not happy about it at all.
That's really unfortunate. Have you tried consulting another doctor just to make sure of the diagnosis? Anyway, make sure to limit your salt intake. If the puffiness is too difficult to take, you can ask your doctor for a diuretic as well. Although you need to have a proper diagnosis before being prescribed one.

Also, have you tried being fitted for a stocking? This way it's more optimised for your size. It won't cause as much discomfort this way.

Good luck and take care!
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