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any concern about noisy joints?
I noticed over the last week that my joints are making lots of noises. I am not in any pain but I am hearing lots of cracks and pops. Mostly they don't hurt but one time when my knee popped it hurt some. I notice mostly when I am at work because I move much more.

Can anyone tell me if the noises mean anything? Am I getting worse or better? It would be great if things are getting better. I haven't had one flare in months but there were a few months where it was bad.

I have never read anything linking RA activity with any noises. I think that comes from the old wives tale of cracking your joints causing arthritis. Occasionally, you can move and it will hurt at the same time as making noise, but the noise is highly unlikely to be predicting anything.

My joints pop all the time. I could never be a stealthy ninja! I think they may pop more because of past damage from the arthritis, but thats only my opinion. I don't think they predict anything.

I wasn't thinking about the old wives tale but maybe that was in the back of my mind :D Thanks for the reassurance, folks.

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