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Is Gastric Bypass Surgery An Option
Since many times diabetes is caused by being excessively overweight, a doctor may suggest a gastric bypass to solve the problem. Of course diet, exercise and healthy eating is the best way to go, but if this just hasn´t worked you may check into a bypass. They have gotten much safer in last few years.
My mother in law has Type 2 diabetes and underwent gastric bypass. She dropped the weight quickly and has been taken off of a lot of her medications as a result. I know that gastric bypass is not for everyone, but it is a viable option when other weight control methods fail. It could mean the difference between life and death and I for one support this procedure if diet and exercise fail to produce results.
I don't mean to offend, but Gastric Bypass is some sort of lazy way of escaping. I would opt for much natural ways of losing weight instead. Diet and exercise will ALWAYS work. You may not get the body that you want, but if you can have self control, it is a very open and cheap option. How do I know? Because I've done it myself.

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