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Most relaxing song in the world - not so much
I just heard about the "Most Relaxing Song In the World" and downloaded it to see if it might be helpful in causing sleep. I can't say that I felt more relaxed personally and I am very tired now. Here is the song.

Has anyone tried listening to it to cause drowsiness or put them to sleep?

Its the first that I had heard of it. I listened to it and it didn't do anything for me. First of all, it was too short. When you can stay in bed for hours without falling asleep, an 8 minute song just isn't going to cut it.

This is just an attempt to get media attention. I listened to it and while it wasn't that annoying, it wouldn't put me to sleep I don't think. I haven't tried listening in bed, but I really can't see it. All the high frequencies put me more on edge like when you are watching thriller. Then with those heartbeats and it could be part of a horror movie. I also think it is too short if you were going to use it for sleep.

My wife tried giving me a set of New Age CDs for relaxation and promoting sleep. I was relaxed, but I just wasn't able to sleep. This song sounds much like these CDs except it doesn't have the rain drops, running water or wind.

I just listened to it and I can agree it doesn't do much for me either. I have never been able to sleep with background noise though. I have to have it completely silent. I am not a heavy sleeper.
For relaxation music, I suppose this is a good one. I noticed, it is more a meditation type of song but emotional. I felt sad upon hearing it and eventually manage to think a lot of things particularly life.

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