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starting to exercise for my HBP
Here is a question for anyone out there who can remember. When you were first diagnosed with high blood pressure and decided to start exercising, did you get light headed from the exercise? I have exercised 3 times and after I am on the elliptical or treadmill for more than 5 minutes, I start to get the light headed feeling.

Is this because my blood pressure is too high? I have to find out if I will need a supervised exercise schedule.

You might just be overdoing it. Have you exercised much before you were diagnosed?

If am assuming you haven't or you wouldn't be asking the questions that you are.

When you start exercise, you have to listen to your body. If you are not in shape you can easily push yourself harder than your body can handle.

I am just starting to exercise. I never did much before but I am overweight and have really high blood pressure. Since this is a bad combination I decided I better start exercising.

Did your doctor recommend exercise or are you taking this on yourself. One of the reasons is that your doctor might recommend an appropriate level of exercise that matches your physical fitness. Also, if you are taking medications, you want to make certain that your blood pressure is more controlled before deciding to exercise.

The doctor just prescribed me my medications last week. He said I should see my blood pressure come down fairly quickly. I have been taking them but I don't know my BP yet. The monitors at the drugstore I went too were too expensive. I started exercising on my own. So you are saying that is a bad idea?

If you have really high blood pressure, it would be safest to work out your exercise plans with your doctor. I wouldn't hop on the exercise machines again before that. At most going for a walk that doesn't get your heart pumping hard would be a good idea.

Thanks for your help, everyone. I guess I have to cub my enthusiasm back some.

Just to let you know since nobody else answered the question, you are feeling light headed because your lungs aren't getting enough oxygen into your blood. Low blood oxygen causes that light headed feeling. THis means that you are overdoing the exercise as someone who hasn't done much before.

Nancymite is right. You need to slow down the exercise and I read in an article before that you need to practice inhale and exhale while working out. Warm up is also very important to prepare your body for a hard routine.
I am starting to get better with the exercise. Before, I was going great guns when I should have been taking it a little easier. It is hard to realize just how out of shape we are when we don't exercise regularly. Now I am walking 3 to 5 miles most days. I also do some light weight lifting. I am not seeing much benefit on my blood pressure yet but I am not winded so easily. That is very positive for me.

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