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Wanting to treat HBP naturally
Can somebody tell me if I can control my blood pressure without drugs. I dont have any drug insurance. When I went to the free clinic they said my blood pressure was higher its supposed to be. The doc there said if I dont do nothing I could have a heart attack. My parents both died with heart problems so I am afraid. If I can lower naturally I want to do that. Can someone help?

Hi there!!!

You can always help blood pressure with natural ways. Sometimes its too high so you still need drugs. Do you know the numbers they told you? I can say if for you you will need some drugs.


Rose I dont have the numbers. Can you tell me what I can do anyways for the natural way of lowering it?

Yes, for lowering blood pressure reduce the amount of salt you have in your food. Reduce it the most possible for you. It won't taste so good so use spices to make it have with flavor. Eating food in restaurants is also not so good unless the restaurant has low sodium menu items. Also, stop drinking the sodas. If you are overweight, you have to lose weight. If you don't lose weight only medications help you. Last is to exercise. You don't have to exercise like some mad person. Just walk for 30 minutes each day and it is very helpful for your body.

All of this advice is good for general case. Sometimes you inherit high blood pressure too and this can mean you need drugs.

Also you can check your blood pressure at many drug stores. If you call they can tell you if they have one. If you have numbers, the pharmacist or I can tell you if probably need medication.


Rose I went to the drug store. I tried the blood pressure machine. My numbers were ??? and ???. The pharmacist said I should talk to a doctor about these numbers. He said he couldnt tell me if it was alright to use natural treatments.

I guess he is afraid of legal problems. With your numbers, I think you have no choice but for taking drugs for your blood pressure. You can also do the natural lowering to help reduce but with having such big numbers you need information from a doctor about how safe is exercise for you.

Good Luck!

You can regulate blood pressure by healthy diet and physical activity. My mother is high blood but she maintained a normal blood pressure. Eat oatmeal and less salt intake and minimize stress.
There are certain ways that may help, I tried them on my mom but my mom is just so stubborn. Like exercising 4x a week since she's really not happy about exercising daily every afternoon. I also monitor her diet, and make sure that she doesn't eat too much carb but make sure that she sticks to my strict regimen. She eats mostly veggies and omega 3 rich fish. I'm also purchasing fish oil or her from time to time and so far that is helping. But hionestly the best way to control her blood pressure is by monitoring her diet and exercise.

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