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trouble sleeping with GERD cough
Lately with my GERD, I am getting a cough. It happens mostly when I lay down and I am not sleeping well as a result. I keep coughing and coughing and it won't let me sleep. I am using cough drops but it only helps a little. As soon as they are done, I start coughing again. I am being careful to avoid eating too close to bed but it isn't helping.

I have lost most of my voice and I am sounding raspy. I would really like ideas to stop the cough.

Are you sleeping with your head elevated above your stomach? That is important for getting gravity to help hold things down. Also, are you taking medications to reduce the acid?

I tried sleeping on a wedge, but I could not sleep. I layed there for hours drifting in and out of sleep. I felt horrible the next day and my reflux was even worse. I have tried many times too and in many positions without any luck.

I am now taking Prevacid but it hasn't stopped the cough. I don't feel reflux, just the cough.

If you can't use a wedge, you can try lifting the head of your bed or your mattresses to accomplish the same effect.

Aside from this and medications, the only other thing I recommend is sipping cold herbal tea to reduce the irritation. If you keep it by your bed in a bottle you can sip it when the cough comes. I bought some teas that were sold as alkaline (not acidic) and I sip those. I had to try a few to find one that actually works, but I think I have found a few that help reduce the acid.

Be careful if you buy anything because the alternative medicine people will try to sell you something based on the "Alkaline Diet". I find it to be unscientific to put it gently.

I am not sure about the bed, but the herbal tea or even water might help. Thanks!

If you can't get any relief, surgery might be something you have to consider. Many people have had success with surgery.

Extra pillows and a glass of water by your bed is what I would suggest. Unfortunately, cough drops are only temporary and yes you will have issue sleeping still. Is your cough productive, dry or simply in conjunction with your other GERD symptoms?
I still have the cough. I am on steroids now to reduce the swelling and irritation somewhat. I think the cough is from the GERD, but I am not really sure. It is not productive at all. I am just coughing from irritiation in the throat. The steroids are helping a little but I can't be on these for long so I hope it goes away soon. Thanks for asking.

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