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Travelling with GERD
My stomach has had reflux for half a year. I am on drugs for it but I still have problems. I want to visit my family who live 6 hours away but I can't see how I will be able to sleep there. I use a wedge pillow but they are too big to carry around. I am going to be taking the bus. Has anybody found ways to sleep away from home? I don't want to be real sick when I am there.

I am guessing you have a foam pillow at home. You can get inflatable ones. I am sure they don't breathe well but they would keep you propped up. I just did a google search for "inflatable wedge pillow" and you can order them.

Good idea. I hadn't even thought about that. Maybe I can get it for another time. I am leaving next weekend so I don't think it will arrive in time. Thanks for the idea. I should have thought of that! :-~

You can always call these places to see how fast they can deliver. You could also send it to your family's address. Then it would be there at least shortly after you arrive.

Another good idea. God Bless Smile

If you get stuck without it, use a seat cushion from a sofa/couch. I have had to do that before and it worked alright. I have managed to find many ways to sleep so I don't burn all night.

There are ways to substitute for your wedge pillow such as folding a bed pillow in half (not so comfortable but serves its purpose), and the aforementioned inflatable. I hope your trip is a safe one and you can find a method to work for you. I wish I could give more insight, however I really don't travel farther than four hours away from home and am usually the one driving.

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