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Occasionally Going A-fib and Having Mild Chest Pains

I have been takin BP meds for a year now. My BP is 126/79 so I am happy with it. My doctor is too. The one part I don't like is that I have been having increasingly worse A-fib over the last 3 weeks. The worst time is at night when I am laying down. When I move to my left side it becomes the worst. There is no pain with it, but at other times I get one or two seconds of chest pain that goes away as fast as it came.

I know I have to go to a doctor but I am out of state right now. I don't want to mess with health insurance right now. I am hoping to go in a few weeks when I go back home.

Are you taking any diuretics as a part of your medications? If you are, some of these can cause you to lose electrolytes. Some are designed not to do that but it depends. If you are losing electrolytes, that can cause fibrillation. If you were at risk your doctor should have given you a potassium sparing diuretic.

You should seek medical help if you are having this problem. It can be dangerous.

Your doctor can give you potassium supplements or a potassium sparing diuretic to compliment your HCTZ. In the mean time, I would suggest eating lots of bananas.

I am taking only HCZT with Norvasc. I know the A-fib can be dangerous. I just don't want to cut our vacation short if I can help. We rented the beach house with our extended family for a month.

You might consider taking a trip home and returning if that is possible. If things are continuing to get worse, you may find yourself not feeling well and worrying about your condition instead of enjoying your vacation.

Thanks for the help. It had to happen on vacation!

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