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getting stomach contents in my lungs
Over the past year I started suffering worse and worse reflux symptoms. My doctor has me on nexium but it hasn't helped much. W played with the dose but it didn't help. The worse part is I am starting to get stomach acid and other stuff in my lungs. It is a horrible painful experience and it happens often. I can't bend down or lay down sometimes without it happening. Any ideas on what to do? This is awful!

Sorry to hear your having problems. The burning in the lungs is very uncomfortable. Do you eat normal size meals or a greater number of smaller ones? This can help with reflux in general. It might also limit the amount going into your lungs. Also, do you lay down soon after you eat? That can also cause problems.

Another idea is the timing of your Nexium dose. You want to take it an hour before your biggest meal. This can help with reflux.

I never lay down after eating. I would feel like my food is in my throat! With my medications, I take my Nexium about an hour before dinner as that was on my prescription notes.

Could you tell me more about the meal sizes? This makes sense but my doctor didn't mention this. Is it just having less food in the stomach at a time?

What you are getting is called aspiration. You could have a bad hiatal hernia. You should get check doctor to check for this.

Yeah, that is all it is. Your doctor really should have told you about it. I eat 5 meals each day instead of 3. That way, I have less food coming back up. You might have less reaching your lungs if your stomach had less in it.

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