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cannot sleep with acid reflux
It is 3:30 AM and I just woke up with a sore throat from my reflux. Now I can't sleep. This is miserable. I have changed diet like my GI doctor told me... I am on medications so I am good during the day... But at night I just don't get any sleep.

I went and bought a wedge pillow to raise myself up and keep the acid down. I can't get used to it. Its been two months now. I am used to sleeping on my stomach so laying on my side or back is hard enough. Then I wake up and I am not even on the pillow. I have slid down and on to my stomach.

I have no question. I am just desperate!


I am sorry you are having such a difficult time. Getting sleep with GERD can be difficult. I have tried to sleep almost sitting up a few times when things were at their worst. If you are fine during the day with the medications, but not at night, it sounds like you might have a really loose sphincter or a hiatal hernia. Did you have a scope in your throat to check this.

Yes, I did get scoped. I have a congenital hiatal hernia. My doctor said only a bit of my stomach was in the wrong place so it shouldn't be bad. I learned about this 3 months ago. I am just having no luck adapting. Very frustrating for me...

It is frustrating when you find your body not working like it's supposed to. Feel free to vent. It saves stress on your daily interactions. Smile

Have you talked about surgery to correct this hernia. If you are suffering so badly, it might be worth pushing for.

Unfortunately, I can't get surgery now... I don't have insurance. I was on my parents but I am not covered anymore... I am coming close to finishing my PhD. I'll have to find a good job with insurance coverage so I can get the surgery. In the mean time I will have to suffer for a long 7 months more at least...

Sorry to here that. I hope you get used to using your pillow and get your PHD quickly. Sad

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