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eating nuts with IBS-C
Hello, before I started suffering IBS constipation, I loved to eat nuts. With my diet now so restricted, I find that I get frequent cravings for them. Does anyone know if there are any I can eat or if there is some small limit I should not exceed?

I don't want to just try and cause myself an episode.

I looked it up (google "nuts diarrhea") and I don't think you should have problems with nuts. If anything, they can cause diarrhea in the worst case. You might find that some could help the constipation and that the craving is a signal from your body to have some. I am not a big fan of nuts, but I am going to try some. If it helps, I think I can start liking nuts. Smile

If you try, just ease into it. The experimentation isn't so bad if you are very careful. Have two nuts with other food and see how you do over the next two days. If you are fine, up the "dose" a bit.

It is hard to say. I would think nuts with higher levels of oil might be easier to pass. I just don't know how nuts affect motility. If you are prone to reflux, higher oil content could make those symptoms worse.

I will have to psyche myself up to try it. :~
Just curious, what diet are you currently on? I don't see how consuming some cashews or almonds could hurt. Ingesting omegas and healthy fats can actually help with constipation. I know it does for me. It lubricates the colon and helps things move along more smoothly for me. I also take good quality fish oil. In the mornings I have toast with either almond butter or coconut oil spread with a glass of almond milk.
Quality natural fat is good for you. I would be more concerned about grains which tear up your digestive system than nuts. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a modern disease. The reason so many have bowel problems is because we are not eating our evolutionary diet, our diet is dominated by staples like grains, sugar and dairy, foods we did not eat for 99% of our evolution.
When suffering with digestive problems, nuts are one of the things that are recommended to avoid. I am familiar with colitis, and the same things goes there. I think the reasoning is due to the fiber in the nuts. Anything high in fiber is "supposed" to be avoided. My personal belief is that if you are craving them, you should try eating a food. With anything, don't overdo it. Have a small amount and see what happens in the next few days. If you experience worse symptoms perhaps you will choose not to have more (at least until the craving comes back Smile )
I find nuts really don't help me. I suffer from IBS and I was told to keep away from nuts. I tend to just eat a healthy diet and exercise, and lately i have managed to keep things under control, thankfully. I have been told that different things can set IBS off in different people.

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