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experiences with Atacand?
I just found out about having HBP from my doc with my BP at 192/97 a few months ago. I tried several BP meds and had bad side effects from them. Now the doc put me on Atacand. Any experiences good/bad with it?

Its not a drug that I have taken, but it is just another ARB. I am on Benicar and have had no real problems with it. The only one is if I stand up to quickly I get dizzy. That's just from the lower blood pressure.

Unless you weren't taking ARBs before, you might still suffer from side effects.

Good that you have no symptoms. Had so many problesm with other meds. Don't want problems. BTW, what is an ARB?

Sorry, talking in tongues... An ARB is an Angiotensin Receptor Blocker. Basically, they cause the blood vessels to relax and stay more open.

Thanks. I am on now for a few days. I have had no side effects in the first week. Hopefully it stays that way. My BP is 133/78 so its good.

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