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waking up nauseous then GERD all day
I am very frustrated right now. I wake up nauseous almost every morning. I think it is because I am so hungry, but I can't eat anywhere near 6 at night or I won't sleep all night from the reflux. The nausea goes away after 3 hours or so but then turns into reflux anyway. I have tried forcing myself to eat when I get up but I almost vomit and I get stomach pains if I do that. I just can't seem to find an answer. Does anyone have ideas?


I am sorry you are so frustrated. It s hard when you feel like you have no options. Has your doctor presribed Zegerid or Prilosec? These can help with the nausea that GERD can cause. If you could get over the nausea, you might get some of your appetite back. If you are able to eat some, you might be able to cut down the acid before it starts to cause irritation.

I am not currently taking any medications. I was taking PPIs but they were making me feel serious anxiety. All my nerves seemed like they were dialled up. It was awful. I told my doctor but he just wanted to try other PPIs so I didn't want to live with that and stopped going. I really don't want to take medications if I can help it.

It is going to be harder without medications. One suggestion is to eat dry foods and foods that they have found to reduce nausea when you first get up. If you can have toast or crackers with minimal liquids, that it fairly easy on the stomach. In Chinese culture, they swear by ginger tea for nausea and I have read that research has confirmed this. You could have a little ginger tea with your toast to get past the nausea.

If you do not like ginger. Peppermint tea is also something good for calming the stomach. If that does not work, getting just the Zegerid or Prilosec would be a good idea for the morning nausea. I would also suggest eating smaller amounts more often to keep the acid levels down. I agree that it will be harder to do without medications, but it is not impossible.

I do snack all day to keep the acid under control. It is the problem of not eating in the morning that throws off my day, I think. I will try some toast. I wasn't eating it because I was trying to avoid gluten but I am not sure that I have a problem with gluten.

If you want to avoid gluten, try spelt or flax seed bread. They are gluten free. That said, I would not assume a gluten problem without evidence to indicate that. Many people have jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon simply because other people are doing it.

I take medication for GERD. but still get nauseous now and then. I take sips of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water and it immediately goes away. Try it when you get nauseous and see if it helps you. Good luck

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