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Ultrasound for IBS-C?
The GI told me that he wants to do an ultrasound on me because of my IBS-C. It never came to my mind that I should ask him why. I called the secretary later and she passed along a message that he is checking my organs and not my bowels. Now I have no idea why he wants to do this. Has someone had this done for IBS before?

If he isn't checking your bowels directly, then it sounds like he might be checking your other organs to make sure there's not another problem somewhere. Because IBS is hard to diagnose and can often actually be other things, then it sounds like he's being on the safe side and making sure this is really your main problem and not a side effect of something else going on.
That is something I have never heard of. Maybe they are checking that your constipation isn't interfering with organs near the bowels? Are you routinely impacted with a lot of stool?

I do have problems passing stool, but I am not "full" or anything. It could be that, I guess. I am very curious now.

Maybe the ultrasound is to check liver function or gall stones. I could see the ultrasound being good for checking for these. Do tell us what it is for!

I don't know why their doing an ultrasound, since most of us know that IBS isn't something that can be detected on a scan. Perhaps it is to find out if there is another underline condition that maybe present along with the IBS. Perhaps, its just to insure that there isn't any other condition. I do hope that everything works out for you, please keep us posted.
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