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Regular sleep helps bipolar

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Quote:Sleep is an essential part of good health in all people and is vital to our well-being. Insufficient sleep causes significant health problems such as increased stress on the immune system, anxiety, depression and increased risk for gastrointestinal and cardiovascular disease.Deep restful sleep is of particular importance to manic depressives, as bipolar disorder can impair judgment and lack of sleep can exacerbate this.Daytime mood regulation and night-time sleep form a two-way relationship; once rhythms are disturbed such as with bipolar insomnia, a self-perpetuating cycle can begin where moods interfere with sleep and then disrupted sleep affects mood regulation the following day.It is recommended that people suffering from bipolar disorder and insomnia and hypersomnia go to bed at the same time each day, and get up at the same time. Regular schedules and sleep patterns have a positive affect on bipolar treatment and it is advised that activities that disturb normal routines be avoided. Re-establishing and maintaining a regular sleep, meal and activity schedule is one of the reasons why a stays in bipolar treatment centers can be such effective therapy.


I found this earlier while researching something else and thought it was really interesting. I know schedules are important, but I didn't realize in made such a huge difference in those who are bipolar. This could be especially important if your child is bipolar. Getting them on a regular schedule may help minimize some of the episodes they have.
That is very true. My husband is bipolar and it really seems to help him out if he is on a regular sleeping schedule. Sometimes I have to be really strict with him about it too. He'll start acting kid-like and want to stay up late to play video games or whatever and I have to straight out tell him no, that he has to go to bed. He sometimes gets a little angry with me over it, but he understands and knows its for the best. What really sucks is our daughter might have bipolar as well, which will really be stressful on me. But I knew that would be a possibility when I married her father and we started having children, so I was basically asking for it. Something that also helps is keeping them on a regular food schedule. Or just giving them a daily schedule of things to do and when. It seems to really help them stay busy and organized.
As someone who is bipolar, I can definitely back this up with my own experience. I don't always get the best sleep, especially with the changes in sleep requirements depending where on the mood cycle I am, but the symptoms are much less severe when I am able to feel rested after a night of sleep.

It is definitely helpful to have a routine to depend on, as it helps keep you going through the depressive cycle, and helps keep you grounded on the manic cycle. Thanks for sharing this information, hopefully it helps someone who needs a little extra consistency.
I am not bipolar but one of my cousins is. I absolutely agree with this finding! His mood is much more stable when he gets enough sleep at night and stays on a decent, regular schedule.
I am not a bipolar but I really agree that having enough sleep helps not only bipolars but to all of us. It will boost our mood as well as lower our stress.

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