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Looking for foods that INCREASE intestinal transit
My IBS symptoms lean towards the constipation side of IBS. I am constantly trying to change my diet about to compensate and speed up my digestive process.

I have always tried to have a reasonably varied diet, whilst still enjoying a good old english fry up.
Since the developement of this problem I find that fried type food, eggs bacon,sausage and chips, baked beans and the like seem to help to a degree. I assume it's because of the oily-ness of the food.

I don't want to change completely to this type of diet because of all the other unhealthy aspects of it.
What "normal" foodstuffs would you expect to increase digestive speed?
I don't want to be eating bowels of prunes or rhubarb everyday day but foodstuffs that most people would include as part of a normal day to day diet.
You may want to look into prebiotics and probiotics. Then also look into fiber supplements. Those are a few things that may help digestive purposes.

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