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How to recover my child from depression
Hey everyone. I am a divorcee. I got divorced a few weeks before. I am happy that I don't want to live with him anymore. But we have a kid who is 7 years old. I along with my kid shifted to Toronto a week before. I think this is the first time my kid is staying away from his day for such a long period of time. It is shown on his face. He is not able to smile at all. I used his smile when he speaks with his first cousin who is residing in New York. I think he is not comfortable with this new place. I told this to my sister. She told that it will be nice we take my child for a []play therapy for children from a clinic in Toronto[]. But we don't know what actually happens there? How long will be the treatment? Is there any medication included with this play therapy? How will be treatment carryout? Will this produce any kind of change in my child?

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