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GERD making me depressed
I have had GERD for almost two years and I can eat almost nothing without getting nausea and having bad reflux. I have tried many medications and they just have not helped. I am losing weight because of the nausea and how much I suffer when I eat. I hardly eat. I was up most of last night because I had a few crackers that made me feel nauseous and gave me strong reflux. At this stage I am not optimistic for my future. I feel desparate and have not been to a doctor in months because they keep putting me on new drugs that don't work. I can't even afford the costs of a specialist because I have no insurance. I could use some advice and support right now.

So sorry that you are feeling this way. It does sound miserable. The nausea is the worst part in my humble opinion having had both nausea and reflux pain. Even if you still have reflux, the doctors may be able to manage the nausea. This would at least give you some desire to eat. These medications are not very expensive and can make a world of difference. Don't give up hope.

Thank you. I haven't had information about the nausea before. The doctor was only trying to treat the reflux and we changed these medications so many times for nothing.

I feel so bad for you, and wish there was some suggestion that I can give you. I do agree that getting the nausea under control would probably help a great deal. For all you know the medications could be causing the nausea, this is a side effect to some medications. I have had issues with my acid reflux as well, but none as severe as what you are experiencing. You might want to do a search on the Internet about natural treatments for Acid Reflux and nausea. Sometimes you can find out interesting things about using stuff in day to day life to help combat health issues.
I forgot to add that you may need to try several medications before you can find one that works. Please be have patience because once you find the right medication you will feel a whole lot better.


Like mainstreet said, you may have to try a few different medications before one really works for you. You can't just take it for a few days and hope that it works either. And as said above, you may want to get something separate for the nausea. It's hard to tell if the other medication is even working when you're being plagued by a different set of symptoms that are causing you to struggle, too.
Gees. I feel so bad for you, I have GERD but most of the time it is controlled with the prescribed medication. What I take is called Omeprazole 20 Mg. Once when I was out of it between refills, i tried Apple Cider Vinegar. Two or three tablespoons in a glass of water. That worked for me. I hope that you get relief soon. Last week I ate some cheese, too much, and some spicy chicken. I wound up with constipation and a terrible case of acid reflux, it was a week before I was better. So I know how you feel. Take care of yourself. Good luck.

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