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Bowel incontinence while sleeping

After a bad case of food poisoning last summer I have had one problem with my gut after another. Even with antibiotics I have bad diarrhea now and it is many different colors. I also get some painful, painful bloating. My toilet is now my reading room because I am in there so often.

Five different tests have been inconclusive and the only thing the doctor has given has been the Lomotil capsules and some iron supplements. The diarrhea is only slightly better with these medications. I never had problems with my digestive system before.

The latest problem is just pushing me over the edge and I want to know if anybody else has it. When I am sleeping I am passing a bit of wet stool so now I am wearing Depends so I don't make a mess.

Welcome to the forums. I am sorry you are feeling so miserable. I don't have that problem when I have had bloating but I suspect that if you are so painfully bloated that the pressure just starts to push things out when you are sleeping. I really don't know what to suggest other than the adult diapers if you are having that problem. At least you can sleep.

It is good that I sleep so I can have some time away from the misery. I am just concerned about going out of the house. I came to the same conclusion that you said about the bloating pushing feces out. Now I am thinking about an old aunt who sometimes pees hereself when she laughs or stands up quickly. I don't want to be going in my pants when I am in public.

As long as you aren't going swimming, the adult diapers should provide some protection. They are fairly discreet anyway. I have had to use them.

Are you taking any probiotics to try to correct the bacterial balance in your intestines? Between the food poisoning and the antibiotics, you might have a completely different mix inside than what is healthy. Also try looking up fecal transplants on the site and elsewhere because that is something that is starting to prove itself.

Fecal transplant! I looked that up and it so completely disgusting! And yet, I am willing to try. Sad The bloating is just so painful and the Depends are going to be expensive as I leak every single night. I am glad I found this forum. I think I will have a few questions.

I'm going to get a test for celiac disese. I've been suffering with this for a year now, since I got c-dif in the hospital
I hate it when I have bad nights. It usually depends on what is going on with me after dinner. I try not to eat flour products or processed foods for dinner. If I have a roll or a bun then watch out. I will be up all night.
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