What To Do To Recover After A Heart Attack

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Last updated: 2011-10-13

Realizing that we or someone close to us is suffering a heart attack can be an extremely frightening experience. Surviving such an ordeal can often lead to a heightened sense of awareness of our own mortality and health. Just being one of the people who make it out of the hospital alive can make us feel very fortunate to have survived.

However, life after a heart attack or myocardial infarction is often a significant challenge. With parts of the heart muscle damaged or dead, the heart is significantly weakened and often at risk of failing completely. Without proper care and attention to health, a person who has beaten the odds and survived a heart attack can subsequently find themselves fighting a losing battle.

Even with survival rates for heart attacks on the increase, there are still no guarantees of recovery from a heart attack. That said, there are a number of proactive steps that heart attack survivors can take in order to improve their odds dramatically. Some of this is old news, but medical science is also uncovering important information about what patients can do to promote heart attack recovery.

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