What It Means To Find Blood In Our Urine

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Blood_in_the_UrineWhile many symptoms of illness make themselves known through pain and discomfort, certainly not all symptoms come to our attention this way. Some disease symptoms can surprise us when we are otherwise feeling quite healthy. When symptoms occur this way, our reactions can vary from significant concern to indifference.

One such symptom that causes this range of reaction is the discovery of visible blood in the urine or Hematuria.

Because most of us will urinate at least once each day, finding blood in our urine is quite possible when something is not quite right. Blood that is present in the urine can make the color of urine anything from pink to dark reddish-brown.

However, the amount of blood in the urine can range significantly meaning that blood can be present but we may not see it. In these cases, the blood is typically detected only because we are already having a urine test to detect other problems.

For this reason, this article focuses on the visible detection of blood in the urine that an average person would notice.

Who Is Affected By Blood In Their Urine?

Within the population, the number of people affected by Hematuria is not well understood. Different studies have measured the range of those experiencing Hematuria from between 1% to 21% of people. What is known is that blood is detected more commonly in the urine of older men.

What Can Make Us Think We Have Blood In Our Urine?

While disease or illness can cause our urine to contain blood, numerous foods and drugs can also cause our urine to change color making us believe that blood is in our urine. Thus, before understanding what it means to find blood in the urine, it is more important to understand whether something else may be the cause.

The foods that can make it appear as if we have blood in our urine are:

– Beets
– Blackberries
– Blueberries
– Fava beans
– Food coloring
– Paprika
– Rhubarb

The list of drugs, on the other hand, is longer and is not listed here. In part, this is because some drugs can color our urine and others can cause the kidneys to pass blood into the urine. In any case, if a person is concerned that they have blood in their urine, they should consult their doctor to find out the actual reason.

In the rest of the article, we’ll look at the health problems that can cause urine in the blood.

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