Using Hair Testing To Prevent Future Health Problems

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One of the increasingly powerful ways to test what is happening inside the body is to test what comes out. With the Olympics just recently completed, this can quickly make us think of the urine and blood tests used to screen out those athletes who are trying to artificially enhance their natural abilities. However, there are other types of tests that are also valuable in telling doctors what is going on inside the body. There are also more serious reasons for performing such tests.

One type of medical test that continues to become more valuable over time is the hair test. Medical science is increasingly able to learn about our health and activities from individual strands of hair. And, unlike a blood test or urine test that represents only a snapshot of our health, the information in our hair comes with some history. Because our hair grows around half an inch or a little over a centimeter per month, this means that we each carry at least a few weeks of past history unless we are sporting a completely shaved head.

How Is It That We Can Get Health Information From Hair?

Extracting health information from hair is possible because our hair is grown from materials contained within the body. Most of our hair is made of the protein keratin that is also found in our fingernails and our skin. Additionally, our hair contains minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium and selenium, all of which are important to the health of the body. If other toxic metals are within the body they too can be present in the hair.

Other materials can also be found in the hair. These include water as well as the oils that keep our hair feeling smooth. The presence of all these different materials in our hair means that analyzing some of them can tell us something about our the health of our body.

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