Using Diet To Maintain A Healthy Heart

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Why Is A Healthy Diet Important For The Heart?

With all this discussion about the right foods to eat, a basic question that arises is why a healthy diet is important to the heart? The simple answer is that a healthy diet that focuses on the needs of the heart will greatly reduce the risk factors for developing heart disease which, as was already mentioned, is the number one killer in the US and many other countries.

Following a diet that promotes heart health helps to lower blood pressure to a safe level that lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke. This type of diet also assists in greatly lowering the levels of bad or LDL cholesterol in the blood. A healthy diet for the heart also helps a person to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Because obesity greatly increases many of the risk factors for developing heart disease, maintaining a healthy weight will help avoid these unnecessary risks.

To understand just how important weight is to preventing disease of the heart, lungs and blood vessel, it is important to consider facts from the American Heart Assocation. A study published by the organization says that people with a sedentary lifestyle and people that have just a few extra pounds are putting themselves at an increased risk for developing heart problems. The study also states that even a modest increase in physical activity coupled with a modest reduction of foods with excessive salt and fat content can help reduce the risk of developing heart problems.

A Healthy Diet For Those Who Have Had Heart Problems

A healthy diet for the heart is important for everyone but it is even more important for people that have already suffered a heart attack. A healthy diet containing the types of foods mentioned above will significantly reduce a person’s chances of suffering a second heart attack. A research study conducted by McMaster University Population Health Research Institute showed that people over the age of 65 who followed a diet intended to promote heart health were able to reduce their risk of death from heart attack or stroke by 35% and people who had already suffered a heart attack were able to reduce the risk of suffering a second heart attack by 14%.

Anyone considering a change in diet or exercise program should certainly consult their physician beforehand.

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