Using Chiropractic Care To Relieve Back Pain

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Chiropractic Care For Back Pain

A chiropractor is a special doctor who works primarily with the muscles, nerves and skeletal systems. This type of specialist will help a person suffering from back pain by manipulating the spine, joints and muscles. Back pain therapy from a chiropractor may include manipulation of a number of joints including the z-joints, atlanto-axial, lumbosacral, sacroiliac, costotransverse and atlanto-occipital joints. The names of the joints are only provided so that a reader can look up which joints are being described.

Manipulation is also known as manual therapy, which is the use of the hands to adjust joints, muscles and parts of the spine. Many people who obtain back injuries speak of having their backs snapped back into place by a chiropractor. That is the best description of spine manipulation. The chiropractor uses a forceful movement to adjust the spine back into place. At first, the patient may feel pain as the joint are returning to proper positioning. However, with each treatment, the patient should gain more mobility in his or her problem area.

The Risks Of Chiropractic Care

As with any medical treatment, it is important that a doctor spend a significant amount of time finding out the specifics of the patient’s medical history. Chiropractors are well trained and licensed professionals who utilize both manual and hands on techniques to perform the spine realignment. Although most chiropractic procedures are successful, certain people may still continue to have problems.

A small percentage of people are at risk for stroke and spinal injuries. This makes the initial consultation prior to treatment necessary in order to understand the condition of the patient. As long as the chiropractor is kept well informed of his patient’s history, the risks will remain minimal.

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