Understanding The Need To Overcome Alcohol Dependence

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Like any other drug, alcohol can be habit forming. If a person enjoys the experience of alcohol they are more likely to seek it out. This can lead to binge drinking for some people, while for others it means having to drink every day. In extreme cases, those suffering from alcohol dependency can find it impossible to go about their day without drinking.

Who Is Affected From Drinking Too Much Alcohol?

According to the UK charity, Alcohol Concern, a quarter of the UK population drink too much and one in thirteen people find it impossible to get through the day without drinking.

Like any other addiction, the problems associated with heavy drinking have a number of negative effects. These include a person’s health, their career, their finances as well as the stability of their social interactions with the biggest burden experienced by the families of those who drink excessively.

How Does Excess Alcohol Consumption Affect Our Lives?

With regard to health, the most widely recognized effects of alcohol on the body are the effects on the liver and kidneys. If we drink too much, these organs can fail to function effectively. As a person consumes more alcohol various parts of the body are being damaged while the body tries to process and break down the toxic alcohol.

Heavy drinking not only affects the liver and kidneys, it can also cause brain damage and cancer. Alcohol is also something that the body can become desensitized to as levels of consumption are increased. People can find that they need to drink more alcohol just to get to a level of intoxication that satisfies their cravings. However, while desensitization affects the feeling of intoxication, it does not reduce the damage done to the body by high levels of alcohol intake.

In addition to the direct effects of alcohol on health, excess alcohol consumption can also lead to dangerous behaviors that can affect health. Some examples of such behaviors include drunk driving, fighting and indulging in unprotected sex with strangers as a result of lowered inhibitions. Thus both the health of the drinker and those they interact with are often affected.

From the standpoint of finances and career, alcohol can be an expensive drug, especially in high volumes, directly affectin the money a person has available. Alcohol can also cost heavy drinkers in other ways by its effects on ones career. In the worst case, job loss may occur but in other common situations promotion opportunities and pay raises that one would otherwise deserve may not arise because of behaviors observed by employers.

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